Caviar Mujjo’l Tagliatelle

  • INGREDIENTS (Serves 4)

    • 1 120g jar of CAVIAR MUJJÓL 
    • 350g tagliatelle
    • 2 dessert spoons of margarine
    • 5 dessert spoons of milk
    • 1 cup of cream
    • 1 mini cream cheese portion or cream cheese
    • 3 dessert spoons of grated parmesan
    • Pepper
    • Salt


    Cook the tagliatelle in plenty of salted water and remove once the pasta is “al dente”.

    While the tagliatelle are cooking, melt the margarine and mix it with milk, cream, well crushed cheese portion and grated parmesan.

    Stir until a light cream is formed. Season it with salt and pepper and add the CAVIAR MUJJÓL.

    Serve the tagliatelle in dishes with the CAVIAR MUJJÓL sauce on top.

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