Mediterranean grey mullet

What is Mujjo’l Caviar

Mujjol Caviar is a caviar alternative whose scientific name is Mugil Cephalus. The mujjol name is native to the Murcia region of Spain and the mujjol fish is also commonly known as the Mediterranean grey mullet.

Mujjo’l Caviar is similar to the sturgeon roe in texture, color and size, however, it has unique characteristics not found in caviar of the sturgeon or other caviar substitutes, as follows:

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  • 1The Mediterranean grey mullet is not a scavenger, but a fish with scales which feeds on algae and plankton. A great majority of other caviars of the gastronomic world are scavengers. It is important to note that Mujjo’l Caviar has a kosher certificate which is available for viewing upon request.

  • 2This species of fish (Mugil Cephalus) is not in danger of extinction which makes it a good alternative to other caviars and caviar substitutes.

  • 3Mujjol is an all natural roe which, unlike other caviars, is virtually always consistent in size, texture, color and taste. Mujjol Caviar is naturally black in color and will not bleed onto other foods. It withstands high cooking and baking temperatures without breaking down or losing its natural look, texture and taste.

Mediterranean grey mullet in its habitat in the Mediterranean When planning special events, Mujjo’l Caviar provides yet another advantage over other caviars or caviar substitutes as appetizers and canapes can be prepared well in advance of the event, as Mujjo’l Caviar will not bleed or lose its consistency and will always look visually appealing.

Mujjol Caviar is an excellent choice for chefs who aspire to add an air of distinction to their dishes by providing them with the ability to create unique recipes with a touch of traditional or modern cuisine. It is appealing as both a finishing product or recipe ingredient due to its versatility and ability to withstand high temperatures. It can be used for appetizers, finger foods, pastas Alfredo, pizza, soufflés, omelettes, crab gratinée, lobster thermador, quiche, and much more. The chef’s creativity is without limits when Mujjo’l Caviar can be used when preparing hot or cold dishes.

Mujjol Caviar Platter Mujjo’l Caviar is a necessary staple in all modern kitchens , as its use in recipes is only limited by your imagination! Cooking with Mujjo’l Caviar is not only easy but also always provides a spectacular result…

Please check the Recipes Section of this site frequently, as it will be updated periodically with suggestions from several chefs and even videos of chefs preparing some of the recipes! Bon Appetit!